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Oregon Coffee Roasters


We proudly offer coffees roasted from Oregon Coffee Roasters (OCR) located in Oregon. OCR has been roasting top-quality coffees and importing specialty teas since 1985. The staff at OCR have over 50 years of combined experience.

The right selection of high-quality coffees is essential to experiencing the best cup of coffee possible. We select only the most distinctive coffees, imported from countries around the world, and then create hundreds of roasts, flavors, and blends.

We are involved in each step of the process to deliver your coffee order. From selecting and cupping the coffee, to verifying the accuracy of your packaged order.

We are committed to the Sivetz hot-air roasting method because it ensures clean, consistent roasts in all of our coffees. The Sivetz roaster allows each bean to develop its naturally distinctive flavor, free of the smoke and tar contamination found with other roasters. They roast each coffee to its peak shade and flavor so that you can be assured of the best possible flavor.

The warm beans from the roaster are hand screened to eliminate debris. You can discern the difference hand screening makes in your coffee.

- Swiss Water Decaf Process -
A wholesome process for decaffeinating coffee - 100% chemical free.

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